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Personal/Social Resources

 Resource  Description
 Click Here For Link To Depression Checklist  Check list for signs of Depression
 Click Here For Link To Assisting with Depression  Ways to assist students with Depression
 Click Here For Link To How to discuss death with your students  Coping with Death
 Click Here For Link To Local Mental Health Resources  Phone numbers for local Mental Health Agencies (Mental Health, Depression, Drug, Alcohol, Recovery Services, Parenting, and Suicide Prevention)
 Click Here For Link To National Mental Health Resources  Phone numbers and websites for National Mental Health Agencies (Eating Disorders, ADD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anorexia, etc)
 Click Here For Link To Mental Health/Substance Abuse Resource List and Alcohol and Other Drug Services  Phone numbers and websites of Mental Health Agencies (Substance and Alcohol Abuse)
 Click Here for Anti Bullying Web Site  Visit kind campaign to experience the movement to a more peaceful and kind world
 Click Here for Parent Letter regarding Cyberbullying  
 Click Here for Team Focus Application 2010  Team Focus is a year round program for young men 10-18 years old who have no father figure in their home or in their life. This means the father or stepfather has not been living in the home and has minimal contact with your young man.
 Click Here for Parent Programs Team (PPT)  The Parent Program Team's (PPT) mission is to empower parents with information and skills critical to raising children in today's world. The committee provides information through evening parent forums featuring experts in areas relevant to raising children and adolescents. PPT is a collaborative group of district staff, community members and parents like you!